Minggu, 15 Februari 2015

[UPDATED] 2nd Announcement Simposium Focus Update on Cervical Cancer 5 SKP IDI



TBM VERTEX Medical Faculty of Jember University proudly presents:

Symposium Focus Update On Cervical Cancer
"Empowering Primary Care for Cervical Cancer Management"


- The Challenges of Cervical Cancer in Indonesia
- Importance of Vaccination in HPV Prevention
- Early Detection of Cervical Precancerous Lession
- IDI Policy: Early Detection of Cervical Cancer in Primary Health Care
- Therapy for Early Stage of Cervical Cancer
- Palliative Management of Cervical Cancer Improving Life Quality

May, 3rd, 2015, at Hall New Sari Utama Jember

More info: Sekretariat TBM Vertex
Jl. Kalimantan 37 Kampus Tegal Boto, Jember
Email: tbmvertex.fkuj@gmail.com
Contact person:
Rosita (085730533143/ 74C1066D)
Nurul (085669563492/ 7D45C29C)

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